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Default name the song from the music video HALP!

Hi all,

Bit of a strange request, given that I can't remember the song anymore but worth a shot I thought!

a good few years back, between probably 2007 and 2009 someone linked me to a song on youtube which i was addicted to, i listened to it constantly until I lost it from my browser history and couldn't remember the artist/song name!

I can however remember the video so I was hoping against hope that somebody in this community would recognise the video from it's description and tell me the song name!

The video is set in an urban environment (looks like a shabby area of London) and it follows a guy walking along pavements, he goes around a corner and bumps into some guy wearing a suit, on his phone and drops a bottle of water (he turns and glares)... later he walks past a young couple at a bus stop who are holding hands, she is also holding a dog on a leash and they grip their hands together more tightly as he walks pass them. He continues to walk and eventually heads up some steps and ends up sitting on a swing in a 'urban' park (concrete and terraced looking) - I think he stops at this point and watches a kid cycling around on a BMX or something - after a while he walks up the stairs of a tower block and meets the ghost of his ex girlfriend.. he then jumps off it...

I think the premesis of the song/video is that he is going to kill himself and either his 'girlfriend' on the roof was dead already, or she was actually there to meet him and he was a ghost/spirit.


Long shot I know guys, but this has been irritating me for a good ~5 years now!

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