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First, I want to say that it's really nice that this forum is here; I hope you all can help me.

I've been looking for decent beginner recording software for some time now. I want to connect my Digitech RP255 Modeling Processor via USB and my Casio LK-160 keyboard via USB. Audacity only detects the RP255, though the multitrack ability is nice for doing basic rhythm and lead stuff.

Most of the software I find in my searches doesn't give me a straight answer for what it's about. Many of them seem focused on creating "beats" or other electronic/hip-hop music which I have no interest in. Others seem entirely focused on virtual instruments and make no mention of recording actual instruments or having any way to make a cohesive song.

What I'm looking for is something I can do real-time recordings of my guitar and piano with. It should have some way of keeping time between instruments and ideally have some options for adding percussion. Easy interfaces are necessary because I don't want to learn an entire content creation pipeline; I just want to create some basic music.

I really appreciate any advice you can give me.
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