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222: Fear Her

Doctor : 10th (David Tennant)
Companion : Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)
Series : 2 (New)
Originally Transmitted: 24 June 2006

Before seeing this episode it had 2 things going for it. The first was it was written by Matthew Graham who was the guy responsible for the brilliant Life On Mars & Ashes To Ashes. The second being it had Nina Sosanya acting in it who was great in Teachers and Nathan Barley. Unfortunately this was an episode written as a last minute replacement when a script due to be written by Stephen Fry fell through.

The story is about a girl called Chloe Webber.

Chloe becomes possessed by an alien called an Isolus an alien life form used to travelling in packs of millions that has crashed on earth. The alien gives Chloe the power to trap people by drawing pictures of them. For some reason the alien causes her to draw a big picture of her now dead abusive father in the closet. the alien also causes her to do some of the most wooden child acting ever witnessed.

The Doctor & Rose arrive and promptly start patronising everybody in the most smug and annoying way possible displaying everything I ever hated about the David Tennant era in one cringe inducing scene where he gets everybody to to be quiet as they put their fingers against their mouths, which I guess is supposed to be funny but just makes you want to punch the irritating twat in the face.

And when I say smug, I mean SMUG

The Doctor realises what's happening, that the alien is abducting people because it wants company and if they can find and repair it's pod it will release all the people trapped, but he is trapped too. Rose finds the pod and the Doctor somehow manages to show her how to power it, with heat & emotion. Meanwhile Chloe wants to trap the entire world

Fortunately the Olympic Torch just happens to be passing the house at that exact moment in time (Thank God this was set in 2012 and not 2006 huh?) so Rose lobs the pod over the flame and powers it up and the alien goes home. This means all the people re-appear but sadly this also means her dead father will appear but they manage to calm Chloe down enough to prevent this.

The Doctor returns there's more smugness and kissing

But the Olympic Torch is lying on the ground, who will save the day!!????!!!!?????
The Doctor runs out and in possibly the most gut wrenchingly over-sentimental pieces of drivel ever committed to celluloid in the name of Doctor Who the Doctor picks up the torch runs to the stadium to the sounds a gushing newscaster broadcasting to the world, and as the saccharine musical score reaches it's vomit inducing crescendo the Doctor lights the Olympic flame and the spirit of the Olympics and the world is saved.

And the Doctor looks smug about it

In short this is the Russell T Davies & David Tennant era displaying it's worst traits. And to make it worse this episode was screened directly after the hideously bad 'Love & Monsters'.
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