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219: Love & Monsters

Doctor : 10th (David Tennant)
Companion : Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)
Series : 2 (New)
Originally Transmitted: 17 June 2006

5 Reasons To Hate Love & Monsters

1. Peter Kay in a fat suit

2. Marc Warren, one of my favourite actors is wasted in this crap playing Elton Pope.

3. As is Michael the Geordie from 'I'm Alan Partridge'.

4. At the end of the episode Elton's girlfriend Ursula gets absorbed into a paving slab. It's implied they still have a sexual relationship.

5. Elton is a rabid ELO fan,ELO's music feature heavily in this episode.
I fucking hate ELO.

I feel I should point out here that the 'monster' Peter Kay played was called the Absorbaloff and was designed by a 9 year old boy called William Grantham who won a Blue Peter 'Design a Doctor Who Monster' competition.
He wrote in his entry that the Absorbaloff was 50 feet tall.
The Doctor Who production team somehow missed that part and we ended up with this..



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