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Default That feeling when...

... you get out of the hospital. You feel bad for all the others still waiting to be seen, but hey, you're out!

... you snag the last CD/book/dress/ipad/pairof shoes/whatever in the shop

... the bus driver says "Next three only!" and you're the third person in line

... It's pissing rain and you have the day off work

... a show comes back on the TV you haven't seen in years

... your favourite band announce they're only playing a few dates, and your town is one of them!

... the bill arrives and it's MUCH less than you expected

... the bank makes an error in your favour

... you hear THE best album of the year

... you discover your new favourite band

... you're sure you bought something you really wanted/needed but can't find it, but then it's right at the bottom of the bag

... something long lost turns up

... the annoying canvasser/surveyor at your door turns out to be really cute

... your pet, who you thought was really sick, turns out not to be after all
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