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Default Trying to write some Tibetan style music

Hello forums

I'm an animator, and I'm working on the early stages of a short film that's set in Tibet. I'm also writing the music for the film. So of course we want some Tibetan sounding music, but I'm really struggling to come up with anything.

We don't want to strictly only use Tibetan instruments and styles, but it has to have a flair in that direction.

Does anyone here have any experience with or knowledge about Tibetan music? More specifically, I'm interested in finding out how it fits in with standard music theory, if it does at all. I'm guessing it shares a lot with music of the surrounding countries such as India and China, but so far my research has only come up with how such music is used in a religious context. Not so much information on Tibet really, compared to other countries.

We can't enter production untill I have some rough tracks down. Any ideas and suggestions are very welcome.

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