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Default The Emo Album Club Suggestion Thread

The emo album club suggestion thread

Three weeks ago, Mankycaant suggested in the Announcement forum that we should start an emo album club. The Hardcore & Emo forum is virtually dead, and needs to be resurrected. You know, like Frankenstein and his monster?

From Manky's thread (this is merely an excerpt):

Originally Posted by Mankycaaant View Post
I propose we do a fortnightly album club. We choose an album. One album. You have 14 days to listen to it. We share our thoughts. Simple. We're a website full of apparent music lovers so one album, every 14 days shouldn't be arduous work. Nobody is that busy that they can't listen to an album every 14 days.

It seems that Manky is busy at the moment. Since I'm impatient, I asked Butthead and suggested that we should just start it without hesitating, and took the mission of starting this thread. Striking while the iron's still hot, is that the right usage of the saying?

What is this thread for?

Well, as the title says, this is the thread for suggestions. Do you have an album you want us to listen to? Post the name of the artist and album here. If you were the sole and only to suggest one, lucky you! We'll listen to your album. If multiple albums were suggested (please, only one album per person), we'll vote. This thread is also for any suggestions you may have regarding the club in general.

More information The Emo Album Club Thread!

Now, those of you who followed the original thread, don't kill me if I got any details wrong. This thread WILL be edited over time, since everything is not sorted out yet. We still need to start the official album club thread, and get the details straight. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them. We need them.

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