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Well, that´s a sad piece of news. How extraordinary that he lived to the age of 94, and was apparently on stage as recently as 6 months ago.

One of his many commendable actions was the stand he took against Congress in the McCarthy era. Here´s a guy who didn´t just talk the talk, he also walked the walk. This ABC News tribute, though short, is pretty decent:

And this is the first song I ever heard from Pete Seeger; it was quite a hit for him in England. A model of clarity, it shows PS´s philosophy of delivering gentle, accessible but thought-provoking songs to his audience.I always assumed he wrote it, but it turns out to´ve been by someone called Malvina Reynolds:

With some departed souls, you wonder if they do actually rest in peace, but after living such a full and decent life, I´m pretty sure Pete Seeger will.
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