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Originally Posted by Two Spirit View Post
The media is really pushing Hillary at the moment, so this presidential race is already getting very entertaining.
**** her. Whatever her policies she's a career politician with little to no integrity just like all the rest. If Christie really does get the nod then I'll vote for him in a heartbeat. Regardless of his politics he's shown that he's actually willing to treat the "other side" as human beings and not the avatars of Satan. So long as the two parties are so ridiculously opposed then this country is an exercise in futility. We can't even pass a ****ing budget. A ****ing budget! How does that happen?

Sure different candidates might have different effects on the country, but then four or eight or however many years later the country will be sick of *insert party x* and turn to *insert party y* who will be so opposed to absolutely everything *insert party x* did that they spend most of their time trying to repeal or interfere with whatever the other did. So basically you just get a schizophrenic national policy that does nothing but run in circles around itself for the entertainment of the public while the two parties, which may as well be one party, pay for their underage hookers with our money.

I also find it interesting that this race is being talked about a lot more compared to other races, considering we're still two and a half years away from election day.
Well, candidates have to start campaigning as early as possible now that corporations can spend as much money as possible on candidates. The money thrown at both candidates might end up cancelling each other out, but the sheer fact that they have to have their noses so far up their respective buyers' asses means that the corporations get to dictate to whoever happens to win.

/end rant
Originally Posted by Calvin & Hobbes
To evaluate my character my immediate pleasure is being pitted against my future greed!
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The Batlord is amazing man. He loves some fine woman and he gets horny easily. What is better than that.
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