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Originally Posted by James View Post
The Runaway Bride?
I loved The Runaway Bride, as the Racnoss was a good monster and there were some quality lines in it.

"God, she's thick! Months I've had to put up with her, months! A woman who can't even point to Germany on a map!"

"And then I was stuck with a woman who thinks the height of excitement is a new flavour Pringle!"

"Doctor: [scanning Donna with his sonic screwdriver] Weird. I mean, you're not special. You're not powerful. You're not connected. You're not clever. You're not important.
Donna: This friend of yours, just before she left, did she punch you in the face?"
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And I actually am taking out a restraining order for you Batlord.
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Another one for the collection.
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