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Originally Posted by Mr. Charlie View Post
I love Bruce Parry, he really throws himself into living as one of the tribe,even going so far as taking their hallucinogenic drugs.

Wow. That shows a real...dedication.
Or, well, it shows something...
J\K. Kinda. Does it really matter?

Ayahuasca or Lipitor?

More specificity is required to deliver, what I presume, you really want.
If, in fact, you haven't already received it.

Oh, Christ, I really ...okay...
Well, 'Kanak People Of New Caledonia* – Danse De Toka Nod'
Is very good if you can find a copy. Not gonna sign up for 5 different sites
and search for a video editor to upload to YT, sorry man. It's good, though.

More modern?

Man should be world famous, up there with DCD.

Early Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, etc...

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