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^ I enjoyed the Water Drums clip, but only because of the novelty of the sound, tbh. Considered as a piece of music, it doesn`t seem to go anywhere.

Frownland`s contribution scores really high in terms of authenticity. Congrats on being one of very few MB members to show any interest in plantation work songs - I discovered the limited appeal of this kind of music when I tried to revive interest in this thread:-

On the subject of authenticity, the OP doesn`t score very highly, as this was one of Zen`s recommended tracks:-

Here are three takes on the theme of tribal music:-
(a) must be authentic because of the unselfconscious boob display:-

(b) deliberately composed "tribal" music that usually ends up sounding pretty cheesy:-

(c) personal favourite because it takes me back to my teenage years, the original Missa Luba album had a famous suit of songs,( ie.the Mass), and a less publicized side of native Congolese music of which this song is a taste:-

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