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Originally Posted by Plankton View Post
Yeah, unless it's their own crap, they don't care.

Mine was stolen from my back yard. The ONE time I didn't put it in the garage... ugh. Then I found out when taking the train to work (I used to talk to the concession stand guy every morning at the station), I had just missed the kid who stole it and he was trying to pawn it off to him for $10. TEN DOLLARS!

Ten bucks, WTF? The kid could have just gotten 10 bucks from somewhere else, lol.

The seat on my new bike was stolen once. Luckily it was just the crappy seat that came with the bike and not the fancy jelly one I have now, but I had to walk about 8 city blocks to get home, looking like an idiot walking a bike with no seat. I didn't want to stand and ride it, because of possible surprise buttsecks if I happened to lean back
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