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Told you he hated off-topic posts! He's 100% correct though: this is NOT a chat thread and it's not in the lounge. As Urban, DJ and myself now say: it's to be used for VERY specific purposes. Those are:

1. Questions by and answers to newbies
2. Amendments to the OP if needed (like the hints about the Classical subforum)
3. Suggestions for improvement of the OP
4. Anyone who wants to clarify anything, such as album clubs, journals etc.

Other than that, may I please politely request that no pointless chatter clogs up the thread. I'll respectfully ask Urban or another mod to remove any such that is posted from now on. There's no point in this thread getting bogged down in the sort of stuff that proliferates all over the Lounge. Let's keep this one clear and let it serve its intended purpose please guys. Thanks.
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