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So, how badly did I embarrass myself this time? Let's see....

1. “Asleep at the wheel”: Well it's uptempo with guitar, but that's about all I got. No piano or acoustic guitar and definitely no violins! Or cellos. Distinct lack of cellos, or any string instrument that isn't a guitar. Driving beat, yes, but very guitar-centric. Think I got the theme for the lyric right, but I'm not positive. A reasonable fail with one or two points scored for me.

2. “Himalayan”: Oh dear! Well off the mark there (as if I didn't expect to be!) --- where are the Tibetan chants? The bongos? Wot no chimes? I heard the word free there, but I don't think I'm going to be able to claim I guessed the idea behind the title correctly, oh no. Never a monk around when you need one...

3. Hoochie coochie: It sort of would have been a good idea had I been familiar with the old song before claiming this would be a cover. I'm not. So I don't know if this is a cover, but I sort of don't think so. Let me run up YouTube and... well knock me down with an E-string! There IS no song called “Hoochie coochie”! Only “Hoochie coochie man” by Muddy Waters, and it sure ain't that...

4. Cold sweat: And that's certainly not Lizzy! A slow bluesy ballad. Oh, Trollheart, you lazy devil! Wrong again!

5. Nightmares: Now that I see “Cold sweat” is a ballad it's unlikely this will be, but... what do you know? It's not. Struck out again. Sort of midpaced rocker with more guitar to the fore. Sigh. Still, I really like the track; first one on the album that has grabbed me. Actually the previous one was good too, if I'm totally honest and fair.

6. Brothers and sisters: Surely this will be the worst guess of all, the most off the beam? Well it has a kind of funky vibe, but then I said gospel, didn't I? This ain't gospel. But the subject matter is close enough to what I said, not that it would have been that hard to guess from the title! I think I hear organ. But no choir. God does not love me.

7. “I guess I know you fairly well”: The exact opposite of which could apply to me and this album. Hmm. Is this a ballad? I think I may claim this one. No piano that I can hear but acoustic guitar, though it's a bit more in the style of RHCP's “Under the bridge” --- until it kicks up on harder guitar and no, I don't think in fairness I can call this a ballad. Boo. No guest female vocal either. Heading for my biggest defeat to date at this point.

8. “You are all I am not”: One hundred percent wrong on this! Bluesy ballad (I sarcastically predicted it would be, but only because I said it would not be, so that don't count). Got everything wrong about this. Lyric? Hmm. No, wrong there too: it's a honest, earnest title, more comforting than mocking.

9. “I feel like ten men, nine dead and one dying”: Oh yeah this will be fun. For the record, the previous was my favourite on the album despite the fact I got it so totally wrong. And here too, I miss the mark so widely it's as if the target is on another planet. A hard rocker with screaming guitar, as I incorrectly predicted the previous one would be. Driving drumbeat yes but I don't think you can call this a love song by any stretch of the imagination.

10. “Toreador”: Ooh! This one could be a home run! I hear the story of a bullfighter and Spanish guitar. Fast, certainly. Can you call that a latin beat? I think that might be stretching it. No castanets, sadly. Still, my best showing on this album so far. Which is not saying much.

11. “Heaven's key”: Not for me, it would seem. No cowboys. No jews harps. Or fiddles. Not even a steel guitar. Shoot. Tarnation. Done got it wrong again, pilgrim. And any other inappropriate western cliches I can think of. Bugger. Stupid, pointless guess anyway. Ah sure what else was I gonna say huh?

12. “Get yourself together”: Slowish but hardly country. More like folk if anything. No steel guitar. Sigh. Wrong again. Lyric? Close enough I guess, though again it was hardly too much of a stretch to reach that conclusion. Song kind of reminds me of Bread, weirdly. Really like this.

So, a pretty poor performance all round then. From me, not the album. Oh well: it's not like I didn't expect it. Scores tomorrow.
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