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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier View Post
I normally rate my albums out of 5 and I gave Rocka Rolla a 2 which is a bad mark and in my journal I said this about it below and I'd say it was easily the worst album from the band (based on what I've heard, which is around 80% of their output)

"on their first effort Rocka Rolla they had given us a fairly terrible interpretation of a Black Sabbath style sound in an unfocused mishmash of a debut album"

By the time of Sad Wings of Destiny the band had moved up several notches in terms of quality and gave us a very good album, but the following Sin After Sin was even better and gave us Judas Priest at their most interesting. But the daddy of them all is surely Stained Class a 1970's metal monster and the band who never quite match the dark majesty of this album again.
Hmmm, well I disagree as I still firmly believe it's one of my favorite albums ever, but without any of their other albums to compare it to I can't comment on how it sounds compared to their other album, but I bought Sad Wings of Destiny yesterday and I'm still mulling that over.

Once I listen to that and the other albums you listed I'll get back to you.
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