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Originally Posted by Urban Hat€monger ? View Post
I won't have a bad word said about Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, unless it involves how bad the dinosaurs are. I think it 'just' works perfectly as a 6 parter. I think there are just enough strands in the story to keep it going.
Don't get me wrong the plot is good as is the feel of the story, but it really lacked the spark needed for that kind of adventure over six parts. The highlight of course was Peter Miles who would of course be even better as Nyder in Genesis, surely one of the best villains to ever grace Doctor Who.

I do like Frontier in Space, if just for the final 3 episodes with Delgado, I think he leaves with one of his best perfomances in that story. It's just a shame we didn't get a full story with him and the Daleks.
I think it's one of the most disappointing stories in Doctor Who as it had all the elements to be really great. I also particularly like any 'Earth Federation' type stories, because whether the Federation appears as friend or foe, they always come across as a soulless and heartless entity, or like the ruthless corporation in Colony in Space. As you know these federation stories were a real feature in the mid Pertwee to mid Baker years and became even more dominant in Blake's 7 of course.

Plus it's much better than Planet Of The Daleks which is just Terry Nation doing the same script he always does.
I really like Planet of the Daleks quite simply for its very colourful sets and the planet was well done as well. Admittedly Terry Nation has just regurgitated Doctor Who and the Daleks here and given the Thals a suicide mission as they faced in the first Dalek adventure (which I think is one of the best adventures ever) and they also gave Planet of the Daleks the grand scope of the Dalek Masterplan (even though it doesn't reach the brilliance of that story though)

Originally Posted by Tristesse View Post
That's just not true. There was nothing particularly good about Jacobi's portrayal of the Master, and Simm's acting was good given the standard of the writing.
Simm was a terrible Master, whereas Jacobi showed all the qualities associated with the Master role.
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