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Originally Posted by Rezdaddy Longlegs View Post
Honestly I think unless you plan on recording live instruments then there is no use in using protools. It is simply to much stuff if you dont plan on having a mass of mics and live sounds. Im still learning protools basics currently. Today I learned how to filter out unwanting buzzing or ringing from intruments using the built in PT10 eq.
Yeah I never messed with Protools, it always seemed like a lot. Its definitely the most powerful DAW though. We used that and Logic to record our first EP with my old engineer. But now I do all the recording and mixing so ive had to downgrade software considerably haha.

I currently have demo versions of Reason and Ableton. Been tinkering with Reason mostly. Im trying to decide which one ill buy. My home studio definitely need to upgrade, been using Audacity and Reaper for too long haha.
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