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Originally Posted by bfshelton View Post
not a Priest fan but I love this album. Tried several times to get into the ones after this and just couldn't. Rocka Rolla is a totally underrated rock classic
That's literally how I felt, though I've since gone back and listened to Sin After Sin and British Steel and I found that I liked those a lot more than when I first listened to them. Give it some time.

Anyway yeah the allure of RR for me is a combination of
  • Sick guitar riffs (like on "One For The Road" and "Never Satisfied")
  • Halford's vocals
  • Great lyrics (like on "Dying To Meet You" and "Cheater")
  • And the fact that all of the songs stand out on their own

I fully embrace the notion that I'm in the minority saying that this is a spectacular album, but I've just seriously yet to find an album that has such great guitar work and complements the guitar playing with great lyrics and vocals, and has fantastic song writing.
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