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Originally Posted by Mr. Charlie View Post
Apparently a bumble bee perceives the world in ultraviolet, rattle snakes in infrared, dogs are supposedly blind to the colour green (and there's an increasing belief among biologists that colour doesn't actually exist, that it is solely a product of the mind).
i thought it was well established that color is our brain's representation of different wavelengths of light
But is the bumble bee or dog's perception of reality less accurate than our own? I'm not so sure. Likewise I don't know if someone who believes in God is any more delusional than someone like myself, an agnostic.
that's a faulty comparison because color is just a matter of perception, as you said. the different wavelengths of emr are what actually exist as part of physical reality. so if on the other hand there are two people, one who thinks emr exists and the other who doesn't, one of them has to be wrong.
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