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I have, yeah. I watched the original Zeitgeist movie 5 or 6 years ago and it first introducted me to how the monetary system really works, although to be honest what was being said was so incredulous that I didn't believe it and put it down as a conspiracy theory (with a capital T). But then some years later another programme alluded to the practise of banks making money out of nothing so I looked deeper into it and the more I researched it the more I realised that intelligent and respectable people like ex-presidents and MPs/senators and economists were confirming it by saying the same thing.

Regarding gold, it's valuable because it's useful, it doesn't corrode and is relatively conductive and so has various uses besides jewelry. But you're right to question it as a monetary system, the gold market can and has been cornered by bankers in the past and that, as you might expect, wrecked havoc. But it's more reliable than the current system because at least with gold-based currency you can only create more money if you had more gold, today bankers create money on nothing more than a whim.

The issue I take with the inequality we see is the disparity between rich and poor. There will always be those with more than others, but what we see today are those with nothing and those with trillions and it's not merely down to capitalism, it's inherent in the system. It's designed to happen. There isn't enough money in the system to pay back all the debt owed and a biproduct of that is there has to be those with none. But the introduction of debt-free money would help alleviate that.

John F Kennedy actually signed an exective order to issue a new form of debt-free currency based on the nations silver reserves in an attempt to wrestle control from the Federal Reserve back into the hands of government, but 5 months later he got a bullet in the head. Some believe the bankers were behind his assassination, I don't know about that, but he did sign the order and $4 billion of his new currency was produced - that much is well documented.

At the end of the day I find it insane that a government would hand over control of money creation to bankers, insane that we could live in a world where government creates the money it needs to run the country and thus kill all debt and all taxes. The argument against that scenario is inflation, but there would actually be less infaltion than there is now. But, yeah, the system we're under now, it beggars belief.

JFK and Executive Order 1110:

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