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My knowledge of avant garde stuff is unfortunately kind of shallow, but it's just nice to know you're not scared of more abrasive music.
I think one can always listen and learn. I have to admit I have to be in the right mindframe to listen to something more abrasive of forceful but yeah, I like it.

Welcome friend, good to see another diehard avant-gardist on the boards. What free jazz artists do you like?
Thank you! I don't know if I'm a die-hard but I'm pretty much interested. My conversion to the more convoluted side of music started with Frank Zappa and from then on I branched out.

On the free jazz side I'm pretty much into Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson and their collaborators. I love Peter Brötzmann, Wadada Leo Smith, William Parker, so much wonderful music from these daring spirits.

I have a pretty historical - (borderline insane ) completist nature (Just a typical Zappa nut thing, I guess), so I pretty much look back in time to Coltrane, Albert Ayler and other departed giants.

Maybe my biggest overall jazzoid love is Miles Davis, especially his freaky 70-75 period. So inspiring!

I would be glad if you could tell me your favourites, Frownland (the name is from Captain Beefheart, right?) Just to survey if I can maybe help or suggest something or just delight in some shared love.

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