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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
I was with you up until that statement.
To the average person maybe not, but...
  • I have tons of extended family who live nearby and they all come visit for close to a week. At times in the past four of my cousins, all three of my sisters, two of my uncles, two aunts and two of my grandparents have all been there.
  • One of my sisters and her boyfriend live just outside of Boston and we usually go and visit them for a day, and maybe go to a Red Sox game or two. Then of course they'll come down on the weekends and visit us.
  • There's also Plymouth which you can spend basically two entire days at.
  • Also my parents own a boat, so we use that to water ski, and me and my dad will use it to occasionally fish for large-mouth saltwater bass which is very fun, but also very time consuming. Usually we plan these far in advance and wait for when the tide/moon is positioned correctly so we can spend a good 12 hours out there.
  • Then of course there's the beach, and depending on the tide, if it's a week day or weekend, and what time in the day you go, we spend a good 4 hours at the beach. Usually, we can go twice a day if the tide is correct.

I think there's more, but I covered the majority of it.
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