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Originally Posted by bassboy
I am in a small band. I am the bass guitarist. I want to build my own cabinate. If I were to get 4 200 watt speakers and mounted them to have a 4x10 would my 200 watt amplifier/head unit be powerful enough to power them? if not how much power would I need? Or, should I get less watt speakers?

Your 200 watt head would definatly power them. It may or may not drive them to their max (depending on the ohm value of both the speakers, head, and wiring setup). The big issue is going to be in how you wire them up and how low your head will go in terms of Ohms. If you go too low, you will fry your head, be careful! Also, are the speakers good quality, with heavy magnets and allowing alot of movement? If not, you will get a ton of buzzing and distortion at all but the lowest volumes. You also need to make sure that you build a cab that is correctly sized and ported to get a good sound out of your speakers. If you still need help with this, I offer my assistance. This stuff can get pretty technical.
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