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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Your adorable braid is the second best thing in that pic. The first being of course your Star Wars poster, buy seeing how it's your Star Wars poster it also adds to your ****ability.
Thanks Batty, I've actually been getting Star Wars post cards as well, I bought one the other day with Jabba the Hut with Leia in the gold bikini, I'll try to remember to post a picture. I'm glad you like my braid, it's something different than my usual style!

Originally Posted by Carpe Mortem View Post
I dig the dimensional blonde, very suiting. Your old color didn't seem to have as much personality.
I totally agree, my natural hair colour had come through and I hadn't had my hair done in a year and a half. It's definitely a confidence boost.

Originally Posted by Plankton View Post
^Lookin like a true cutie pie 'Nilla.^

A pic of me just after opening a festival with the SSB. I was about to pack up my small rig when someone wanted to get a pic, so I did the best Rockstar pose I could muster:

Thanks bb, you are looking mighty fine yourself. Love the guitar!
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