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Nathaniel Mayer was born in Detroit in 1944. He signed with Fortune Records in 1960. He scored a hit under the name Nathaniel Mayer & the Fabulous Twilights in 1962 with "Village of Love" co-written with Devora Brown. The song found a national audience due to the single being leased out to United Artists for distribution—something for which the Browns claimed they were ripped off.

His next single "Leave Me Alone" sold well regionally but did not hit the national charts. His last release on Fortune was "I Want Affection (Not the House of Correction)" in 1966 which also failed to chart nationally. After that, Mayer split from Fortune and virtually dropped out of sight for the next 14 years although he remained in the Detroit area. He released a single in 1980 but then fell silent again until 2002 when his 1968 recording "I Don’t Want No Bald-Headed Woman Telling Me What To Do" was released.

Interest was rekindled in Mayer who then released an album in 2004, "I Just Want To Be Held," on Fat Possum Records out of Mississippi. He began doing live shows again and garnered a new audience who did not realize his raspy, coarse voice had changed completely from his Fortune days. Mayer used it to his advantage. He released another album in 2007, Why Don’t You Give It To Me?

A few years back in an Eastpointe record store (I was just there today, in fact), I noticed Nathaniel's autograph on one of the wooden record bins. I mentioned to the proprietor how cool it was to see Nathaniel's autograph there. He made a face and told me that the trouble was that every time you saw Nathaniel "and his posse coming" you had to hide everything that wasn't nailed down or it left with them.

Mayer fell ill a short time later and remained in the hospital for months but died in 2008 at age 64. "Village of Love," "Leave Me Alone" and another single, "I Had a Dream," have all been covered by newer bands. So his influence lives on.

Nathaniel Mayer - "Village Of Love" - YouTube
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