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Default Twin Atlantic - Great Divide

After the large success of Twin's first full ablum "Free" many people asked how on earth the Glasgow boys would be able to improve on such a huge sounding album.
From personal opinion Great Divide is a change in music for Twin; less hard-rocking rock and more poppy and I change that i personally am not in favour, however, i can imagine there are many people who love the album and i can definitely see why. Songs such as "Heart and Soul" and "Brothers and Sisters" are definitely catchy songs.
The album certainly doesn't lack strong chorus's but it definitely does not have skill full guitar riffs, and songs that you would "nod your head to". Again, personally it wouldn't be an album I would blare out my car window in the sunny weather (not that we get any sunny weather in the UK).

For me not a bad effort from twin, it's a change that will frustrate long-time fans but will create many new fans. 6/10.

Thanks, people!
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