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Originally Posted by IamAlejo
The girl I'm not being presumptuous about. She used to be my friend. I've seen her at parties since then (she was let out of bond and is due back in court in January) and she has continued drinking, and makes jokes about the accident (in which she drove away from the scene, someone ran her down and found her cleaning the glass out of her dash/seat and she said she left because "what's done is done") so yes I do have a feeling of her inside. I'm sure she didn't either, but the fact is she DID kill the person.

You say there is nothing worse than taking another life, and I agree with you, when someone takes a person's life, there is no equal penalty that you can put on that person to make it fair. Nothing is as drastic as murdering someone and taking the life away. When you do that to someone you deserve to lose what you have taken from someone else. And that's my opinion on it.

By the way, kinda conservative of you to be anti abortion....funny thing is I disagree with you there as I'm pro-choice haha.
meh....we could go on for a couple of more rounds but we wouldn't get anywhere, like we usually don't....i really should learn to let go of these things, i only get frustrated, you're like a stubborn mule, there's no getting through to you.....i think it has something to do with...thinking and feeling differently ( how someone can think and feel differently from me is beyond me )
about abortion , i'm too catholic to feel any different you see, i'm not really the superman of liberalism as you were so presumptuous to think.... ( yes kids, the word of the day is PRESUMTUOUS )
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