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Originally Posted by adidasss
meh....we could go on for a couple of more rounds but we wouldn't get anywhere, like we usually don't....i really should learn to let go of these things, i only get frustrated, you're like a stubborn mule, there's no getting through to you.....i think it has something to do with...thinking and feeling differently ( how someone can think and feel differently from me is beyond me )
about abortion , i'm too catholic to feel any different you see, i'm not really the superman of liberalism as you were so presumptuous to think.... ( yes kids, the word of the day is PRESUMTUOUS )
If you're going to law school to be a lawyer, I suggest you cut out the namecalling in every argument you get in. And about the abortion, I'm not the superman of conservatism that you think I am either. That was my whole point. Basing people's feelings on a topic just by what party they are (or you THINK they are) is retarded.
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