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Thanks for the explanation, ContrivedN; a nice description of the disparity that can arise between an initial concept, glorious and grand, and its ultimate appearance, paulty and lack-lustre. So, yes, "lost in translation" is a good phrase for it.

Originally Posted by CoNtrivedNiHilism View Post
Well, there is your explanation, I tried. Sorry if it doesn't help you understand what I meant, but at least I know what I meant by it haha.
^ Bottom line, that ´s the important thing !

Shouldn´t judge a book by its cover, of course, but even the album art of Endless River suggests that we´re in for something that is saccharin but not substantial; put a ribbon across the corner and it´d make a good design for a chocolate box. How Syd Barratt would´ve loathed it !

Anyway, I´m glad Trollheart is going to give us his opinion. At present, I have more curiosity about his review than I do about the album.
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