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This band has been tearing **** up in my hometown for only a couple years. They've had something like 4-5 releases in 2 years. It is punk so it's not like it's super complicated music to release but damn, still pretty active. Anyways... the album skirts through Hardcore, Agent Orange-esque Surfpunk, and post-punk in about 30 minutes of what truly is a very fun, exciting album. It's (mostly) hard hitting stuff. Not quite as heavy as some hardcore bands from the area. But there's aggression. The riffs. The dirty, buzzing basslines. The drums hit a little weak.

I feel like this album could've been a lot better with a better mix and a bit more production. There are moments when the band flirts with more post-punk territory where I could see more use of synthesizers really adding to the mood. Overall the album is kinda muddy sounding. In some cases that's a good thing but here it just sounds like whoever was behind the boards was lazy or didn't know how to do the band justice.

The songs are there, they're mostly perfect as they are, but they don't hit quite as hard as they could. At times it's because of the mix, but sometimes it feels like the band is holding back. Kinda disappointing. On the occasion the lyrics come through Jenny Angelillo chews out ****ty former boyfriends, sexists, local politics.

"We Lost Control" is my favorite track lyrically. It's basically about some of the same things I've been bitching about happening in San Francisco. Gentrification, superficial self-obsessed transplants turning a city of artists into... some unholy mutant hybrid of LA and Silicon Valley. Musically it falls behind some of the other tracks. Still, it's nice to hear someone speaking out about things happening where you live.

All in all I'd rate the album 7.5/10. It really needed a better mix and on the last few tracks they kinda slack off. And maybe it's not their thing but I would like to see them get a little crazier. The band is young, though, and I can only see them getting better. Looking forward to catching one of their shows.
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