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Default Mastodon - Leviathan 2004

Track listing
1. "Blood and Thunder"
2. "I Am Ahab"
3. "Seabeast"
4. "├Źsland"
5. "Iron Tusk"
6. "Megalodon"
7. "Naked Burn"
8. "Aqua Dementia"
9. "Hearts Alive"
10. "Joseph Merrick"

Mastodon capture the epic energy of Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby Dick" with veritable verve. Over solid slabs of rich resonance they roar weighty passages of this literature. Mighty and manly, huge and heavy, grim and grand, they capture the all the grit and guts of this tragic story of obsessive and destructive vengeance, where man, nature, God, and life itself is denied and betrayed for Ahab's insatiable lust for retribution.
As usual, Mastodon are driven by Brann Daylor's virtuoso drumming. His outstanding technique is never ostentatious, and his busy frenetic execution is never bombastic. His furious sustained assault on his kit is tempered by his perfect timekeeping, slick style, self-possession and taste. He also tunes his drums beautifully to give a crisp attack and to bring out the woody tone of the drum shells, something which is a rarity among skin beaters.
Brann is flanked by the usual dual guitar formation, which fuse together to create a tremendously thick sound. All this is supported and amalgamated by a thick warm bass sound.
Mastodon at there best create an rock ensemble, in which no one instrument is leading, but all instruments interweave as equals to create a tapestried wash of counterpoints in which the whole is more than the sum of their parts. Although perhaps they lack a highly charismatic singer, the three members of the group who sing do so with capability and passion, in harmony with the ensemble ethos, and they also present a pleasing variety of vocal styles between them, from screams and grunts through to smooth lyricism. With influences across the wide range of rock idioms, from Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, fusion, heavy metal, and even bluegrass and country references, their intelligent compositions are never indulgent or overblown, but present a measured balance of heart, brain, ardent passion and fervent soul that satisfies like no other.
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