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Originally Posted by Pursuingchange View Post
Maybe it's not the interviews I hate so much as the artists who think they sound so intelligent and original when they speak, but are just speaking/behaving the same way every other damn artist did a googleplex times before they did. Idk, it just gets on my nerves.

My disclaimer in my OP was made to remind the community that I am in fact dumb, and most of the things I say will not make sense. I just get a kick out of being made fun of on forums. However, this thread is not meant as a troll. I genuinely hate interviews/interviewees!
I mean, generally music is a nailed down concept that's been around for at least sixty years. If you're a rock and roll artist who's never heard of Chuck Berry but who has heard those who he influenced, you may very well say something that Chuck Berry said without him or his infuencees (?) saying it because it's just an embodiment of the music. Really though, I wouldn't write it off as a whole. I only generally look at interview on Youtube and such (sometimes I conduct them myself if the band is obscure enough) if I really like the artist. Who knows? If they have enough to say to you through their music, it's quite possible that they might be able to convey that through language.

It's kind of like telling a cool Muslim guy you know to fuck off because you want your legs tomorrow morning or keeping damn sure not to keep your Catholic friend alone with your kid. It's really a case by case thing. Some people are good with words and music. Some suck at speaking intelligently without ripping someone off. Some are brilliant minds but make really shitty music. Some suck at speaking but make good music. Some suck at being original but their Zeppelin rip offs rival Zeppelin. Some just suck.

You can say fuck off with all interviews, but sometimes a band might surprise you with their insight. It won't always happen--I speak from experience--but sometimes that band that makes your soul shriek in pleasure can make your brain do the same with the band's words.

Really though. The Beatles said some stupid **** when they were 24? The Arctic Monkeys said some stupid **** when they were 24? **** dude, I guess the Arctic Monkeys just don't care about being original anymore.

And the Arctic Monkeys suck. Get the point?
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