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Well it seems that this thread is dead but I hadn't heard of OF until Wolf came out so I guess I jumped on some sort of bandwagon I don't really give a **** about that. So my input is BASTARD is ducking amazing almost every track on it goes in, Goblin was alright Nightmare, Tron Cat, Fish, Yonkers, Sandwitches, Radicals, and Golden were good, but it was too spotty for it to be as great as BASTARD. The. WOLF is my favorite of Tyler's mainly due to the production, I love the jazzy quality it had and almost every track is a keeper except for Parking Lot. Earl has had an interesting career EARL was awesome and it goes into a semi-daily play cycle for me every track is just great on it, Doris was much different in my opinion and I don't know which album I like more. The new track Earl put out are great so far and im looking forward to his next album. Frank Ocean I've liked everything he has put out and I'm anticipating his new album. And the rest of OF I don't really care for all that much, some of its okay but I'm almost glad that the group has started splitting up a bit because they weren't that great of a collective, but on their own a few of them really do stand out. So I don't know if anyone cares about OF on here anymore, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents for the hell of it.
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