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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Yeah you've kind of put your finger on it there. I mean, you could argue a case for Elvis being progressive probably: anyone who moved on from the strictures of the music that was being played at the time could be said to be progressive in one form or another, but as you say then you'd end up listening to so much more than you need to.

For me, it's going to be bands who started the movement, influenced later bands or recorded important albums, as well as any perhaps forgotten ones that should be mentioned. Like your endeavour, you couldn't possibly cover all the bands that contributed, unless you were a vampire and immortal like me (oops! Forget you heard that!) or had an army of clones, so as I say I'll be guided by those books and stay pretty within the boundaries of what they consider to be the bands and artistes I should be concentrating on. Probably start around the mid/late sixties and move on from there.
So you're going to be delving into more Captain Beefheart, then?
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