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Default The Music Banter Members Journals Update Thread --- Week Ending January 11 2015

It's getting bloody chilly here: snow forecast for tomorrow and I have to take my cat to the vet. Ah, Mondays! How I love you!

What's been happening down Journaltown way, you ask? Well, I did just originally pop in here to tell you about my cat, but as you ask...

And the big story in Journaltown this week is that some serious health and safety issues have forced the closure of "The Devil's Dancefloor", most of those issues related I think to Justin's sanity! I've taken on some big projects in my time but this one sounded like something even I wouldn't undertake, and he's decided, probably rightly, to pull out now before it gets too heavy. Read all about it below. And don't give him a hard time: he really tried.

There are new journals starting this week from Deadchannel and Oriphiel --- think they'd be busy enough with their first journals but no. I'd never do that. Um.

More details below.

We also have the return of Wpnfire and WhateverDude, both missed, and Moss comes back to us also, so there are some tearful (yeah) reunions this week. I'm getting all choked up here. Let's get on with the update. Go to commercial! Go to commercial! and see him speak of the evolution of Deadpool, with his Issue of the Week starting up too. Yeah, it's Deadpool ... Isn't he just a ripoff of Spiderman?

Showing us that his new journal isn't going to just be devoted to explanations and essays on album sleeves, blackdragon123 shows us that you can also find a list of his favourite tracks by Supertramp. Nice one! Then he returns to album covers, this time comparing Ozzy to Lennon?

Down at there are unnerving sounds as the Hellion sweeps overhead! Yes, Briks is reviewing “Screaming for vengeance” by Judas Priest, also some more haiku reviews coming your way. He's not too impressed with “London calling” though. Neither was I.

Chula's back! And he's brought Yes with him. “Close to the edge” is the latest album to feature in

In, Deadchannel presents a review of “True romance”, while in his other journal, started only this week,, there's music from Sleep and Zach Hill. reaches 1999, with albums from SPAZZ, Polaris and Blur among his list.

Following on from our big news story this week, as you've all read by now has closed, or rather, been streamlined and changed. Like Bewley's here (Irish interest only) it's changing its focus and many people will lose their job --- no, wait: nobody will, not even Justin, who's going to use it to continue to post metal reviews, just not on a daily basis as he had intended. I did warn him he needed to be certain he was able to take on such a massive undertaking,. He's pressing ahead with the Iron Maiden reviews though, with what might seem a bt of a rush as he ploughs through “Piece of mind”, “Seventh son of a seventh son”, “No prayer for the dying” and “Fear of the dark”, bringing the First Age of Dickinson to a close. Oh, and there's another live review from me.

A welcome return for LadyisLingering, in the absence of her husband woops boyfriend (!) and she's plundering her for The Alan Parsons Project, The Cars and Lynsey de Paul.

Machine tells us that Mac DeMarco, Tantifaxath, The Microphones and Sleep (now where did I hear that before?) are some of, while there's another Flaming Lips review in, this time it's “Oh my gawd! It's The Flaming Lips!” and talks about Guided By Voices in Boulder, Colorado.

Back to being, Oriphiel is kicking 2015 off the way he ended 2014, with a host of entries including the Rezillos, Les Hell on Heels and Sir Psycho. Also a compilation called “Back from the grave”. And as if all that work wasn't enough, he's starting, as I mentioned, a new journal,, devoted to ... disco! He's also writing a story about it, first three chapters up now.

Another of Pet_Sounds' favourite Beatles tracks is “Hey bulldog”, and you'll find it on this week.

Do Sidewinder and Goofle swap notes, I wonder? They seem to post very soon after each other. Anyway, it's 1999 in too, and he's looking at offerings from Pinback, Mr. Bungle and Beck, among others.

My new journals are doing quite well, thank you, with taking a look at MIA and Kings of Leon, The Killers, The Zutons, Rufus Wainwright and The Streets, while begins properly, with a look at the barest beginnings of prog rock and a review of The Beach Boys' “Pet Sounds” and then The Mothers of Invention's “Freak out!” My main journals are not slacking either though and in you'll find a review of Supertamp's debut album, while a little out of season now, the Scrooge Showdown continues in I've even kicked back into life this week, with reviews of albums by The Donkeys and Lights and Motion. More to come next week as I try to get this long-neglected journal back on track.

More NWOBHM compilations in as Unknown Soldier looks into “Metal Massacre”. All four volumes. Also Batlord's favourite musical wanking material, Warlord's “Deliver us”. is back to turn us on to Angel Olsen, while has a review of the video computer game “Dead Space”.

This week's pick for

comes from my good friend Briks, who has about the same reaction to this classic album as I did...
Originally Posted by Briks View Post

Why do people hail this as the "greatest punk rock album of all time"? Jeez, I was pretty unimpressed. Sure, some of the tracks are good, great even, like "London Calling", "Brand New Cadillac", and "Lost in the Supermarket", but one of those is a cover, and the rest? Well, mostly okay, but nothing special, and even boring at times. Overrated.

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