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I hate Sam Smith's song "Stay With Me" and I don't much like his "I'm Not The Only One" either.

His songs irritate the heck out of me. Listening to Sam Smith's songs makes me want to club something.

I don't like his voice, especially when he sings high up, or his schmaltzy, wavery style of singing, or the whiny, pitiful way the songs describe people clinging to someone who doesn't love them.

A Youtube comment that I read summarizes well my own feelings about Sam Smith's song topics: "Sam smith is talented as **** but he is such a whiner. The dude is only 22 how many times has he been cheated on or broken up with?!"

All this wimpering of "I know you don't love me but stay and hold my hand" stuff causes me to cringe. Begging someone to "stay with me 'cause you're all I need" when the person doesn't even love you? Yech.

Don't just burn his clothes! Leave the relationship!
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