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Default 1001 Prog Albums you must hear before you die

Thought it might be an idea to narrow the scope a little. Sure, we're probably never going to come close to 1001 albums, but let's see how many we know of, can recommend or think should be in the list. Try not to post discographies: if you like a particular artiste try to think of their best one, two or three albums, and again, don't post them simultaeneously.

Also, please only post if you want to contribute. If you don't like prog head somewhere else. No posts of the nature "Prog sucks"; they're just a waste of time, yours and ours. If you're into metal, I'm doing one on that too.

Usual mini-rules apply: no order but please number each album as it goes in, post a picture if you can and a year, and if possible write a few short lines about why this album should be included.

I'll start off with one of my favourites.

1. Trespass (Genesis) 1970
Although their second album, I consider this Genesis's first proper prog album and feel this is the one where they began to really flex their prog muscles, Gabriel made himself a stronger voice in the band and of course it was the swansong for stage-shy Anthony Phillips. Great tracks like "Visions of angels", "White mountain" and "Stagnation" make this an album all true prog fans, or those wishing to get into prog, should hear.
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