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Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth View Post
you didn't specifically write that islamism is harmless, you wrote this:

which sounded to me like you were grouping islamism with the harmless things that relate to the religion. maybe i misinterpreted your point, but that's just how it reads to me.
To my mind, it reads much like "apples and oranges", which is different from "apples are oranges".

Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth View Post
well, there are some people (muslim and non-muslim alike) who will say there is no difference. but there are plenty of muslims that don't identify as islamists.

The details are a little fuzzy as it is some days ago since I read it, but I wonder if it was the chief editor of Charlie Hebdo who had recently made the point that only in a secular society do people have the freedom of religion.

These days, Saudi Arabia seems a good example of a nation and an Islamic theocracy which is persecuting both muslims and non-muslimson on religious grounds.
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