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Eventful day at the range. Left with a black and blue shoulder from the AR-15. It was a tad to heavy for me. And got into a serious fight in the parking lot with a classmate that was carelessly shooting next to me. I got in his face, my professor had to break that up. I only snapped after he loaded the wrong bullets into the gun and had 3 miss fires and oh yeah he was aiming at the ceiling. Guns aren't the issue, it's the moron with ****ty aim and a quick trigger finger that are terrifying. This should have been in your day thread but fuck it.

Oh yeah that's Jasmine and Tiquan.
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Roxy is unable to perpetrate violence. It always somehow turns into BDSM between two consenting adults.
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I just want to say your tits are lovely.
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Roxy is the William S. Burroughs of our time.
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I like Roxy, she's awesome and her taste in music far exceeds yours. Roxy is in the Major League bro, and you're like a sad clown in a two bit rodeo.
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