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Originally Posted by Jilian
I'm very into the whole acoustic emo, i really enjoy the melody and the entire vibe of the music. If anyone could recomend me any good acoustic emo i would be really thankful.


This guy, secondhand seronade...dont usually like emo, but this guy is fab 52708&Mytoken=A8255851-9C10-1058-D727A63528F42E3A3524191
Wieder lieg ich auf der lauerDenn wir spielen unser spiel. Wieder wart ich an der mauer. Wieder steh ich kurz vorm ziel

I dont like Prince Phillip because he's a racist.I also dont like the Queen because she's that leaves me in a funny situation

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this pole about famouz peds only son. urban hatmonger gotta get his work reconized, gotta make a name fo hisself. naamean?
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ad anyone wanting rampant sex with a hairy horny welshman may feel free to take me up on that one :D
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