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Originally Posted by grtwhtgrvty View Post
Really? The Belieber generation? Eyeroll...This is hands down the best generation of music so far.
You are absolutely right, grtwhtgrvty and I appreciate your response. I have an incredibly limited interaction with society and mass media - I'm now 12 years without a television, I order everything online instead of going to brick & mortar, and I left FM behind around 2002. Other than my walks to and from the office, I really have little/no interaction with society - the consequence of which is my ignorance about what's really going on.

The. Gen Z post was my realization that, just like you said - this is the most connected and culturally-literate generation of all-time. The web has given us access to more art and music than has ever been accessible to generations past.

It is an incredible time to be alive.
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