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Originally Posted by ladyislingering View Post
because OBVIOUSLY a woman's tits are the MAIN FEATURE of a photo and OBVIOUSLY a woman should expect to be ostracized, sexualized, and turned into a commodity for male consumption because OBVIOUSLY just existing is enough to justify a man's objectification of the female form.

because apparently women exist for heterosexual male approval.

give me a goddamn break.

shame on you.
You've completely missed my point. And seeing as you decide to comment on the only part of my post that has any sense of argument to it, instead of focusing on my points that Vanilla probably won't be offended is exactly why I'm not even going to continue arguing about this. Women think they can argue with a man about anything, yet they never want to admit when they were in the wrong to begin with. And before anyone says I'm saying Vanilla was in the wrong, im not, if you read my post, I said she probably won't be offended by what Batlord said. Women really need to learn not to take things that men say that seriously.

I'm not continuing with this
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