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Originally Posted by Machine View Post
Now I know yer like 16 orsomething like that. But my darling you have a lovely face wich will serve you well with the ladies. Go on witcha bad self,brush yo shoulders off playa.
A word of advice if I may, never ever loose your sense of humor.Your looks will fade but you will always be able to get laid if you're funny.
Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre View Post
Roxy is unable to perpetrate violence. It always somehow turns into BDSM between two consenting adults.
Originally Posted by Frownland
I just want to say your tits are lovely.
Originally Posted by grindy View Post
Roxy is the William S. Burroughs of our time.
Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
I like Roxy, she's awesome and her taste in music far exceeds yours. Roxy is in the Major League bro, and you're like a sad clown in a two bit rodeo.
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