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Originally Posted by monkeytennis View Post
Been trying to get Dennis Brown's stuff recently but cannot find this **** anywhere, even legally. Where do you lot get it?

I can find Greatest Hits compilations but I'm looking for studio albums. A shame this isn't easy to find really.

3k post. Badman ting.
Discogs is a great place to find rare vinyl at great prices, however you're basically buying them sight unseen. I've never had any problems with it, though.
Here are all the listings for Dennis Brown's first album. It looks like the cheapest one that includes both the vinyl and the cover, as well as being in reasonable condition, is for about twenty dollars. However, keep in mind that it (and most of the records in this listing) is a reissue, and not an original pressing:

Here are some that should be original pressings, which are obviously much more expensive:
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