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First of all let me say im disappoint on two counts.

1. You idiots have to come out immediatly with something to let everyone know you and christian don't mix. Let me be the first to say on behalf of honest writers, religious or not, **** you.

You're closed minded ignorace is appauling, I don't care if you like the song, but when you feel the need to come out of the gate saying that it says "im not here to review this song, 100%, im here to say what I think about all things christian. You're a disgusting subtraction from the writing forums. Don't even come here if you can't review things strictly on a literary basis. No religeous person ever opens their review with "well im not into the whole secular thing." The youth here is apparent.

2. This is my own opinion, but I wouldn't review anyones songs with a post count below 200. These people come for reviews and never contribute to these forums again. They don't review anyone elses songs, they don't contribute to good discussion, they don't even come to spam.

I tried to be nice to that ass clown Bazerk Gorllia because I thought it would keep people here. I forgot people are greedy and ignorant. If you write and want things reviewed in this forum, it behooves you to not review anyone but someone whos at least put their time in. If they want to leave after 200, fine whatever, we got something out of them, but below 50 I normally don't say anything but "don't review this" and at 200 im still skeptical, but we can't exactly demand a 1000 post count.
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