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I'm sorry but Big3 I disagree with you. We (well me at least) were telling Sweetness that Christian Music isn't our thing because then she would know that our opinions would be more slanted than anyone elses. And you may be asking that if we like Christian Music then why are we reviewing her song? I've reviewed this song because I thought that if you want to make it as a writer then you have got to know peoples responses from any background-christian or not. So, me not being a Christian Music kinda guy, I thought that I'd let her know what my response was. And as far as you don't think you should review anyones song if they have a post count of 200 or less because they never contribute-look at my post count. I have written songs, reviewed songs, plus I created the most popular thread in this forum. So I would think more carefully before you start throwing accusations around....****head.
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