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I've been trying to figure out what I want my 2nd journal to be about. I did make one a while ago attempting to review 20 or some odd albums, but I ended up not liking the idea, and allowed that journal to fade away. I've finally come to an agreement with myself as to what I want my 2nd journal to be..."Video Games". It's no secret to anybody that I have an enormous passion for video games. I watch people play them through Youtube and Twitch, and I play them myself. I don't really consider it to be an addiction. I consider it a way to enjoy myself without having to go out all the time and get drunk with people I hardly know. I'm thinking what I will do here is pretty much what you'd expect. I'll talk about video games I like, some that I don't like, and I'll give my overall opinion on them. We'll be discussing games through PC and consoles, specifically ones I have played. My music journal will still provide OST from games that I like, but this will be a place for me to talk about the games specifically and to really put out there what I enjoy and not enjoy about them. So sit tight, grab your controllers, and let's get this ball rolling.

Time and time again, I will also do monthly themes where I will talk about a certain genre of games or choose a specific category, and I'll spend the whole month talking about them. Here's what you will find in this journal for the monthly themes that have taken place.



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