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Inb4 someone says it sucks.

I prefer Meteora over it everyday, but it's still one of the most legendary albums of my time. I could talk about it all day.

Their method only works half the time, and the album is far from perfect and IMO, it set LP up for being in the talk of a "singles-only" band, but most of it is extremely, extremely catchy. Unlike most Linkin park fans, I am aware that Chester's voice isn't the most attractive, but the instrumentation, in particular the riffs and chord progressions, are ****ing brilliant, and Chester's voice, whether he's singing or screaming, is somehow always in tune with the melody, and his voice alone controls the mood of the song. It's powerful. Shinoa is the epitome of the stock, mainstream rap cadence, but his timing is absolutely glorious. His individual skill is low, but his production skills are godly. "Cure for the itch" was a strange track indeed, though I'm a lover of Daft Punk so it dun really bother me that much.

The songwriting is glorious, even if, again, some of the songs simply don't work well as others, but I don't appreciate the nu metal influences in some of the lyrics. Lines that consist of "shut up" shouted repeatedly are a total turn off for me.

Also, I'm very interested in keeping LP free of the "nu metal" labels. They are a heavily experimental alternative/metal band that dabbles heavily in metalcore and sometimes rap core.

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