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Originally Posted by Oriphiel View Post
But then again, sometimes understanding something does indeed make you enjoy it more. For example, my avatar is a grand metaphor for the primal instincts that are inexorably rooted in the nature of humanity. Though we try to glamour up our existences, our lives are still very much a programmed pursuit of the wants and needs necessary to fulfill what we perceive to be homeostasis (in terms of both physical and social survival). Go ahead, eat the ice cream, and the cycle continues as we carry on, never truly satisfied.

Anyway, if my avatar was a picture of a doting caucasian lady with blond hair, dark roots, and two eyes, staring longingly into the distance, you'd be all over it.
Sorry man, you just made me hate it even more. Way too pretentious explanation. Sorry. 4/10 now. And for the slight about my preference for blonde ladies (while true, not relevant as not all my avatars have been of blonde chicks, unless you count Charles Montgomery Burns as a hot chick) a further deduction brings you to 3/10. Shoulda left it.
Originally Posted by Black Francis View Post
Way to over sell it, im taking you down a notch 9/10

All i see and want to see is a horny valley girl.

Im planning on changing it soon, i always get those 2 mixed up, so Ragnarok is the final battle and Valhalla is the place it takes place in?
I was going to explain but I see Batty got in before me, the Norse ninja!
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
No. Valhalla is the mead hall of Odin, chieftain of the Aesir (Norse gods). It is where half of the Vikings who die in battle go to get wasted and feast all night, and then engage in battles all day, until it's time to get wasted again. The other half go to Frejya's hall. Don't know what they do there, but I assume it's similar.

The final battle will occur on the vast plain of Vigrid.
I assume they help her pick out wallpaper patterns and assume general cleaning duties. And go shoe shopping with her. No wonder everyone wants to die a hero!
Originally Posted by Ki View Post
^the distorting is the reason im using it.
But to confirm, it is Peralta, yes?
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